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Prophetic Promises

We are to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are to know the glory of God ourselves. We must guard and protect what God has given us—yet hunger for more.

Claudio Freidzon, May 27, 1995

The moment is coming when it is going to be impossible to build a building to house what God wants to do in this community. And you are literally going to have to rack your brains, and spend a lot of time on your knees finding creative ways to house what God is going to do.

Dick Joyce, July 26, 1998

Literally, tens of thousands of souls are going to be saved at your altars. Revival is going to explode in Redding. It is going to touch every school, every convalescent home, every hospital…the media will take great attention of it.

Joe Fruci, December 5, 1997