On a spacious 58 acre property, the Collyer Campus will provide a new center to accommodate the expansion of both the church and our School of Supernatural Ministry, with the core objective to resource and facilitate the training and equipping of passionate believers through classes, conferences and weekend services.

This is more than a call. It’s a mandate for what is ahead. And so we build an apostolic center that will become a worldwide hub to help prepare the way for a global revival movement.

This is more than a building. It’s participating with Heaven. And as we do, we build an enduring legacy for today’s revivalists and reformers, creating new momentum and preparing the way for generations to come.


Kris Vallotton
Bethel Senior Associate Leader

West Entrance

Kris Vallotton
Bethel Senior
Associate Leader


Prophetic Words

"The moment is coming when it is going to be impossible to build a building to house what God wants to do in this community. And you are literally going to have to rack your brains, and spend a lot of time on your knees finding creative ways to house what God is going to do."

Dick Joyce

July 26, 1998

"Literally, tens of thousands of souls are going to be saved at your altars. Revival is going to explode in Redding. It is going to touch every school, every convalescent home, every hospital...the media will take great attention of it."

Joe Fruci

December 5, 1997

“It’s true that we don’t put money in buildings; we put money in people. But there is something about building something that generations can add on to and bless and be a part of. There is something of permanence that we haven’t understood in our culture.”

Cindy Jacobs


"Facilities facilitate. Because God wants to increase the influence of Bethel exponentially even to what you’ve already experienced, the facility is of primary importance."

Stacey Campbell


"I witnessed in my recent vision a mighty revival as if I was there in the flesh. A revival that we have not seen in over 150 years sweeping through Redding, CA and Bethel. However, it was not past-tense nor was it present-tense; it was futuristic in its scope and was looming directly ahead of them like a mountain. Impending, bursting the seams."

Chad Taylor


“It is the will of God that the property you have bought and the buildings you have designed be built. And it is the time of God for that to happen. And because Bethel Church has sowed into the nations, God’s commanded the nations to sow into you… You’ve seen what’s coming and if you don’t build it now, you won’t be ready for what’s coming tomorrow. It is the time to build.”

Dr. Michael Maiden

February 2020


• 58 acre property

• 2,600 seat sanctuary

• Double the space for children’s ministry

• 6 times current lobby space

• Large outdoor community space

• Perimeter walking trail

• Pedestrian focused traffic flow

• 1,500+ parking spaces

• 5 campus vehicle exits

Bethel Collyer Conceptual Report Submittal_Floor Plan_1st Floor


We broke ground for the new Collyer Campus in a sunrise service on Sunday, August 8. The short summary video below captures the communion prayer. Join us in prayer for what we believe the Lord is doing through the work of His hands and the soil of our land.

"We dedicate this land as a land of healing, of nations, of families, of hearts, of bodies. All of this for the honor of the name Jesus."